Solopreneur, first month: The good, the bad, the ugly.

What’s up, everyone? If you came here, there is a good chance that you know who I am but for the lost:
I’m Jeremy, the guy behind Kamiglee and Tête à tech

I have been officially working full time on my first product at Zazen Labs for nearly a month and as I promised, I will reflect on my first month.
Your experience and mileage may vary as you are not… me.


The good
Oh, sweet sweet freedom:
Since this is the beginning, I am as free as one can be.
No product
No client
No boss

I can organize my life however the fuck I want. I can meet with friends at 3 pm. I can choose to work or not. I started to run in the morning because I’m not afraid to be late at work.

This is… exciting:
I can’t help but think about what will happen this year. Having to do everything, EVERYTHING for your company means that there is learning to do. Like, A LOT.


The bad
Oh geez, I’m that free.
I always had a hard time to focus and when you can do everything but working, it may be hard to crunch it. I’m still figuring out how to be focused and productive for at least 35-40h a week.

It’s overwhelming.
Yeah, sure, learning is good but as a one-man operation, you will suck at nearly everything. Have to accept the painful learning process. Don’t spend too much time reading about the stuff. Go do it and be terrible at it.

The ugly
The loneliness.
I saw myself as a hermit. I don’t need much social interaction to be a happy camper…

What Amy Hoy call “entre-porn“.
It’s 2018, there is so much content tied with entrepreneurship, the indie hackers/solopreneur scene… and nearly everything is soul-sucking or useless.
You can spend 100% of your time reading about the next hot stuff around.
How X launched a start-up in 24h?
How Y built a multi-million business in 18 months?

…and it is not useful. Disregard consuming content.

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